Marcus Nichols, Computer Games Design Student

Hello there, my name is Marcus Nichols (although the url probably hinted at that :Z)

I'm a 22 year old student at the University of Huddersfield and I'm currently studying Computer Games Design.

You might've seen me out and about in the Yorkshire area, as I just finished a one year work placement at Canalside Studios. I was developing a game and running around trying to market it and stuff... very hard work

I'm now finishing up my degree and then wondering off into the little old world, it's a bit scary but at least you're reading this and on my website ;D

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Pocket Galaxy is an incremental game that I lead the development for at Canalside Studios during my placement year. I was the project lead and I also contributed a lot of work to the project such as all of the user interface elements, a lot of the design work, shaders, models, skyboxes.... you get the idea

In Pocket Galaxy you take control and build your very own intergalactic mining fleet. Tap as fast as you can to aim your laser cannons and destroy a diverse galaxy of planets, all in the name of glorious profit!

It’s planetary bubble wrap, all sealed and packaged for your phone!

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Gunslinger Trainer is a VR tech demo that I developed in the spawn of two months using Unreal Engine 4. It started out as a test to get the grasp of building for virtual reality using the unreal engine and quickly expanded to become its own little thing.

Gunslinger Trainer is currently available on Steam Early Access and will be recieving updates in the future to further expand it. I just need to find the time......

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Trigger Time is an Unreal 4 project that I developed on my own during my second year at University. I had no prior knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 when I started this project and it became a great project for me to learn the blueprint scripting system within the engine.

The brief was to develop a level in UE4 and I instead developed a twin stick shooter that's jammed full of power ups and abilities for the player. It currently only has one level which was designed to give the player multiple pathways to follow whilst surviving against hordes of enemies.

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Winner of Unreal Engine February Game Jam 2015

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Dual Souls was a game I created with two of my university friends for the Unreal Engine February Game Jam, 2015. Together we created the game from the ground up, over a period of 3 days and ended up being one of the three winners of the competition.

In Dual Souls your task is to bring two lost souls together and unite them by solving a series of puzzles contained in small, bite-sized levels.

I was responsible for managing the project, blueprint scripting, user interface, character orbs, texturing. I created a drag and drop system where buttons could be easily placed and linked to walls so that the designer on our team could easily create levels.