Hyper VR Party Ware
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Hyper VR Party Ware is a party game that consists of a wide variety of different VR mini games that are played in quick succession to score points. Players were tasked to achieve the highest score either online or against friends in local multiplayer.

The project was started in my final year of University where I lead the development and then I took it further after University with two other original team members where we founded our own company and won numerous awards including Tranzfuser 2017 & The London XR Indie Pitch 2018.

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Key Tasks

  • Worked multiple disciplines including Game Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing, UI & VFX

  • Developed all promotional materials and booked exhibition events

  • Developed game pitch materials and pitched the project to investors

  • Handled majority of business development and administration tasks

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