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I was contracted by Sigtrap to work on an experimental VR / Mobile hybrid game titled Misery Loves Company. This game was developed to be a local multiplayer co-operative experience that would bring both VR & mobile users together in a shared game space.

I initially created UI Wireframes within Unity and hooked these up to gameplay using the Bolt visual scripting plugin. I later expanded on these wireframes with an initial UI Art pass that would give the front-end an Art Deco look. Once again I implemented these designs into the game mysels using the Unity UI tools.

This project presented an interesting challenge where I needed to ensure that everything I created using Unity UI was resolution agnostic as the UI prefabs were to be used across both mobile and VR devices. Everything I created within engine was flexible and made extensive use of 9-slice imaging so as to create a polished look regardless of screen resolution.

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Key Tasks

  • Created initial UI wireframes using Unity UI and hooked the UI to gameplay events

  • Expanded wireframes with an initial UI Art pass using an Art Deco theme

  • Implemented designs using Unity UI to create reusable prefabs

  • Ensured all Unity UI prefabs were flexible and could scale / resize to any device resolution