The Persistence Enhanced
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Generalist UI Artist

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Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 4

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I worked on both The Persistence console release as well as The Persistence Enhanced where I updated portions of the VR UI by replacing them with new UMG widgets. The goal was to make the game feel better on a traditional 2D display and not appear as a direct VR port.

My time was primarily spent on updating some of the underdeveloped portions of the hud as well as elements that didn't translate very well from VR to 2D displays. Some of these items included the 3D cursor reticle, item descriptions, button prompts & HUD toast notifications. I handled the entire pipeline for these UI updates where I concepted, created UMG widgets and then implemented these new UI elements via Unreal Blueprints.

I also helped extend the existing in-game menu system to add in additional options within various menus as well as added in created and implemented new platform specific controller icons.

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Key Tasks

  • Created new 2D gun reticles for all weapons

  • Created hooks to attach reticle animations to player attacks

  • Created and implemented new item collection and toast notification UI

  • Additional UI improvements including additional platform controller support