Pocket Galaxy
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Game Director / UI Artist

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Unity Engine


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Pocket Galaxy is an incremental game where players create their own intergalactic space mining fleet that destroys and mines a diverse galaxy of planets! It’s planetary bubble wrap all sealed and packaged for your phone!

The game was developed during my placement year at University where I lead the development with a team of 4 people using agile workflows and significantly contributed to the project across design, art, VFX & marketing. This culminated with the app being featured on the iOS app store on launch day.

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Key Tasks

  • Lead a team of 4 using agile workflows and was scrum master daily

  • Booked numerous exhibition events and developed all marketing materials

  • Developed majority of game design documentation and provided game direction

  • Developed all UI art assets and assisted with some implementation

  • Developed majority of in-game materials and VFX

  • Modelled several in-game worlds, objects & ships

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