Hey there, my name is Marcus Nichols but my domain name probably gave that away already.

I'm a Generalist UI Artist with around 5 years of industry experience currently working at Firesprite in Liverpool. I'm currently working on a range of projects from games to internal software tools.

These days I tend to take ownership of the entire UI development pipeline on the projects that I work on. This includes Concepting, Designing and finally Implementing on the final platform using the appropiate tools.

Check out the stuff that I'm allowed to show below.

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Hyper VR Party Ware is a party game that consists of a wide variety of different mini-games. It was a project that I started in my final year of University where I lead the development.

I then took it on further with several of the original team members and together we went on to win numerous awards. I contributed significantly to the project in areas such as Game Design, VFX, UI/UX Design, 3D Models, Texturing and more.

In Hyper VR Party Ware, players are seamlessly transported to a wide variety of different mini-games where each one provides a unique VR experience. Players must complete these mini-games in quick succession in order to gain points.

Failing a mini-game causes the player to lose a life, lose too many and its game over! Players can either compete for the highest score online or against their friends in local multiplayer.

  • Winner of Tranzfuser 2018
  • Games Republic Best Team
  • Games Republic Art, Runner Up
  • Winner of Pocket Gamer XR Indie Pitch London 2018
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Pocket Galaxy is an incremental game that I lead the development for at Canalside Studios during my placement year. I was the project lead and I also contributed a lot of work to the project such as all of the user interface elements, a lot of the design work, shaders, models, skyboxes.... you get the idea

In Pocket Galaxy you take control and build your very own intergalactic mining fleet. Tap as fast as you can to aim your laser cannons and destroy a diverse galaxy of planets, all in the name of glorious profit!

It’s planetary bubble wrap, all sealed and packaged for your phone!

  • Games Republic Best Team
  • Games Republic Art, Runner Up
  • Games Republic Tech, Runner Up
  • Featured on the iOS App Store, October 2016
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Castle Kit is a personal project that I developed during my final year of university. Everything within the project was designed and developed by myself within Unreal Engine 4 with the exception of the audio.

Castle Kit is a technical art tool in which allows users to dynamically build castles by simply clicking to create and remove blocks. The application will automatically figure out what meshes to place in order to create a cohesive castle.

It was built using Unreal Engine 4 and was scripted using the Blueprint visual scripting system. You can watch the development progress video below as well as download a compiled version of the project.

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Requires Game Pad

Dual Souls was a game I created with two of my university friends for the Unreal Engine February Game Jam, 2015. Together we created the game from the ground up, over a period of 3 days and ended up being one of the three winners of the competition.

In Dual Souls your task is to bring two lost souls together and unite them by solving a series of puzzles contained in small, bite-sized levels.

I was responsible for managing the project, blueprint scripting, user interface, character orbs, texturing. I created a drag and drop system where buttons could be easily placed and linked to walls so that the designer on our team could easily create levels.

  • Unreal Engine Winner!